Issue 1 | 2004

Moroccan Journal Of Biology Vol1

Table of Contents

Contents of volume 1, Number 1

Art 1

Determination of the physiological: impact of the modulation of the path way of nitrogen assimilation ln plants through genetic manipulation and breeding
B. Hirel, A. M. Limami P:5

Art 2

Study of Olive Fruit Infestation by Bactrocera oleae in the Fez Region of Morocco and Their Fertility in the Laboratory.
A. El Haidani ,A. Khila, A. Houari , A. Haggoud, A. Vincent, S. Ibnsouda Koraichi p : 21

Art 3

Eugenol induces damage to bacterial and fungal envelopes.
A. Bennis, F. Chami, N. Chami, K. Rhayour, A. Tantaoui Elaraki. A. Remmal P: 33

Art 4

Floral Characterization of Carob Tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.) from the Province of Chefchaouen (NW of Morocco).
N. Gharnit, N. El Mtili, A. Ennabili, F. Sayah p : 41

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