Issue 8-9 | 2013

Issue 8-9 | 2013

Table of Contents

Contents of Volume 1, Numbers 8-9 (01-2013)

Research Papers

Art 1

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Molecular Typing by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis of Environmental Vibrio Isolates
Lamyae Azbaid , Aziz Lamtai, El Mostafa Talbaoui, Fatima Chidi

Art 2

Isolation and Characterization of Lipolytic Yeasts Derived from Traditional Tanneries of Fez Medina
Hassan Elharchli , Soumya El Abed, Faouzi Lachari, Saad Ibnsouda Koraichi 10-16

Art 3

Toxicity of paraphenylendiamine in human neutrophils: apoptosis and oxidative stress
Z. Elyoussoufi,N. Habti, K. Mounaji, S. Motaouakkil, R. Cadi

Art 4

Study on the Antipyretic Activity of Thyme (Thymus broussonetii) in Experimental Rats
K. Elhabazi, R. Aboufatima, A. Zyad, M. Touhami, H. Ait Mouse, A. Benharref , A. Chait

Art 5

Acute Toxicity of Essential Oils of Two Moroccan Endemic Species: Thymus broussonetii and Thymus leptobotrys
K. Elhabazi, R. Aboufatima, A. Bensalah, A. Collado, J. Sanz, A. Zyad, H. AitMouse, A. Benharref, A. Chait

Art 6

The Role of Gibberellins and Ethylene Interaction on Gibberellins Biosynthesis and Plant Growth
Mourad Baghour, Kaoutar Ben Chekroun, Wim Vriezen, Dominique Van Der Straeten2, Thomas Moritz3

Art 7

Micropropagation of Mentha pulegium L. Through High-Frequency Shoot-Tip and Nodal Explants Culture
Khadija Ben Larbi Zarki, Noureddine Elmtili

Art 8

Occurrence of Anisakis spp. in Horse Mackerel (Trachurus trachurus L.) from the North Atlantic Moroccan Coasts
Lamyae Azbaid, Aziz Lamtai, El Mostafa Talbaoui, Fatima Chidi

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