Issue 19 | 2022

Couverture Issue 19 | 2022

Table of Contents

Contents of Volume 19, Numbers 19 (2022)

Research Papers

Art 1

Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Primary School pupils in Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State
C.C. Nwadike1, E.C. Amaechi2, C.F. Nwokike1, P.C.O. Ilozumba1

Art 2

Study of the bio-methanogenic potential of the landfill leachates of Agadir city
Salaheddine Farsad, Ayoub Chaoui, Aboubakr Ben Hamou, Noureddine EL Alem

Art 3

The biomethanisation: a biotechnological tool for the valorization of organic wastes
Hassan Erraji1,2*, Hayate Laiche1, Meryem Idrissi Yahyaoui1, Sara Moumnassi1, Noureddine Bentouhami1, Reda Bellaouchi1, Mohamed Berrabah3, Mustapha Meziane3, Abdeslam Asehraou1,3

Art 4

Antibacterial activity of peptides from Rosmarinus officinalis leaves in combination with sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim antibiotics
Lubna Abdallah, Reem Shaheen, Sajeda Abdlhafez, Furat Abu Khmaish

Art 5

Production and harvesting of microalgal biomass
Fatima Elaamri

Art 6

Optimization of Phaeodactylum tricornutum culture conditions in order to promote the production of bioactive molecules of pharmacological, nutritional, and bioenergetic interest
K. Hilmi, H. Nassur, W. El Ouahabi, M. Esseouby, H. Messaouri, N. Meskini

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