Issue 16 | 2019

Issue 16 | 2019

Table of Contents

Contents of Volume 1, Numbers16 (2019)

Research Papers

Art 1

Effects of simultaneous consumption of food additives on functions and histopathology of Wistar rats Liver
O.P. Femi-Oloye, A.M. Olatunji-Ojo, A. Owoloye, B. Adewumi, B.O. Ibitoye, F.F. Oloye*, F.A Gbore

Art 2

Evaluation of the mycorrhizal potential of Hedysarum flexuosum L. in relation with the soil chemical characteristics in the northwest of Morocco
R. M'saouar, M. Bakkali, A. Laglaoui, A. Arakrak

Art 3

Nutritional evaluation of Sulla (Hedysarum flexuosum L.) ecotypes grown in Northwest region of Morocco
Anass El Yemlahi, Abdelhay Arakrak, Amin Laglaoui, Mohamed Ayadi, Mohammed Bakkali

Art 4

Preliminary characterization of root-nodule bacteria isolated from forage legumes of the genus Hedysarum in North of Morocco
Anass El Yemlahi, Abdelhay Arakrak, Amin Laglaoui, Mohammed Bakkali

Art 5

Cedrus atlantica essential oil: Antimicrobial activity and effect on the physicochemical properties of cedar wood Surface
Fadoua Bennouna, Mohammed Lachkar, Soumya El Abed, Saad Ibnsouda Koraichi

Art 6

Epilepsy in intellectual disability: Gender differences in Moroccan patients
Yousra Benmakhlouf, Amina Barakat , Naima Ghailani Nourouti, Mohcine Bennani Mechita

Art 7

Proceeding of the 1st International Conference on Bioresources, Biotechnology and Sustainable Development (2B2D)

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