Issue 13 | 2016

Issue 13 | 2016

Table of Contents

Contents of Volume 1, Numbers13 (2016)

Research Papers

Art 1

Assessing genetic diversity and constructing a core collection of an endangered Moroccan endemic tree [Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels].
J. Mouhaddab, N. Ait Aabd, F. Msanda, A. Filali-Maltouf , B. Belkadi, A. Ferradouss, C. El Modafar,S. Ibnsouda Koraichi, H. Ghazal, A. El Mousadik.

Art 2

Vegetative and efflorescence characterization of carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.) from the Province of Sefrou, the Middle Atlas of Morocco.
N. Seghir, E. Harki, A. Dahchour, N. Gharnit, A. Ennabili

Art 3

Pomological characterization of carob tree (*Ceratonia siliqua* L.) from the Province of Sefrou, Middle Atlas of Morocco.
N. Seghir, E. Harki, A. Dahchour, N. Gharnit, A. Ennabili1,

Art 4

Contribution to the discussion about national olive orchard heterogeneity through a morphological study of some olive trees (*Olea europaea* L.) cultivated in the Beni Tajjit site, SW of the Oriental Region of Morocco.
E. Khlil, A. Mihammou, M. Abid, E. Tahri

Art 5

Characterization and antibiotic susceptibility of Salmonella strains isolated from wastewater treated by infiltration percolation process.
A. El Boulani, R. Mimouni, N.E. Chaouqy, F. Hamadi, K. Azelmad, S. Le Hello

Art 6

Microbiological testing quality of raw and fermented milk of Moroccan cows and camels and isolation of antagonistic lactic acid bacteria.
A. Elmoslih, F. Achemchem, Q. Zakri1,E.H. Boudyach, A. Ait Ben Aoumar

Art 7

Antibiotics in broiler: exhaustive survey among private veterinarians in eastern Morocco.
M. El-Youbi; C. Belbachir; A. Monir; E. Saalaoui

Art 8

Glycohistochemical study of endogenous lectins in androgen-deprived mice ventral prostate treated by Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone.
F. Akif, F.Genten

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