Issue 10 | 2014

Issue 10 | 2014

Table of Contents

Contents of Volume 1, Numbers10 (30 mai 2014)

Research Papers

Art 1

Cytogenetic and AZF Microdeletions on the Y Chromosome of Infertile Men
K. Ben Makhlouf1,2,3, I. Samri2, L. Bouguenouch2, N. Boudra3, N. Elghachtouli1, K. Ouldim2

Art 2

Isolation and Identification of Potential Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Rhizosphere of Lupinus hirsutus L. in the North of Morocco
Saida AARAB1, Francisco Javier Ollero3, Manuel Megías2 Amin LAGLAOUI1, Mohammed BAKKALI1, Abdelhay ARAKRAK1 10-16

Art 3

Concentration Effect on the Radical Scavenging Activity of Two Plants (Laurus nobilis L. and Ficus carica L.) Leaves Extracts
L. Tchombé N.1, A. Louajri1, J. Gálvez2, M.H. Benajiba1

Art 4

Systematic, Phytoecological and Agronomic Survey of Citrus Fruits Weed Flora in the North-Eastern Morocco
K. Elhabazi, R. Aboufatima, A. Zyad, M. Touhami, H. Ait Mouse, A. Benharref , A. Chait

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